Christian Family Movement

The CFM is a lay movement which promotes Christian attitudes, values and actions in individuals as they interact within their families and neighbours. This movement has come to meet the needs of couples who required support from their peers. Couples subscribing to its ideals have met in their homes by rotation to reflect on different situations they encountered, at home and in the society at large.

The CFM was able to associate itself withthe Global March Against Child Labour which visited Goa on 27/28 March 1998 and offered assistance to the Goa State Organising committee. Besides this,the Movement was also able to associate with various initiatives against Alcohol Abuse in the state.

The CFM has worked to promote the Fmaily Service Centre concerns on the social issues at national level and has got the Centre linked to the Directory of voluntary work organizations prepared by the Foundation for Humanization Mumbai.

Marriage Encounter

The vision of Marriage Encounter is to reach out to every married couple in the world. Marriage Encounter is a movement dedicated to help married couples improve communication between each other with the goal of total unity which is God's plan for marriage. The first Marriage Encounter Weekend was conducted in Bangalore by an American couple, Pat & Dick Alessandro and an Indian Redemptorist priest, Fr. Peter de Souza.

Marriage Encounter begins with a 44 hour crash course in loving communication for a husband and wife who have a good marriage but would like to make it an even better one. On a marriage Encounter Weekend, spouses are motivated to express their feelings to each other in a very honest, loving, non-threating way, the purpose being to reveal who we are, the object of which is not to change one's spouse but to understand each other. There is no room for counseling and problem-solving at a Marriage Encounter Weekend. Marriage Encounter does not mandate a commitment to itself like other organizations or associations.

Couples who experience a Marriage Encounter Weekend are motivated to commit themselves to each other on a daily basis. With relationship as a solid foundation, couples are encouraged to share their love by being active members of any catholic movement or association (as a couple, of course). However, for the benefit of those who have experienced a Marriage Encounter Weekend, we make available follow-up communities like the Rookie groups. Renewal groups and Love circles at which couples are encouraged to share their struggle and practice the techniques of communication experienced on the weekend. Thus the natural fallout of the renewal of the sacrament of matrimony at a Marriage Encounter Weekend is the renewal of the families, the church and society.

Couples For Christ

Couples for Christ is a private Association of Lay Faithful, constituted for the evangelization, renewal and strengthening of Christian families. CFC in Goa began in 1987 as a small mustard seed with just 4 families in 1 parish.

Today it has grown to around 2000 families in around 50 parishes and chaplaincies besides spilling over into neighbouring Belgaum, Pune and Londa with plans on the anvil to move into other states.

CFC is a community based association. Programs conducted by the association continues along two tracks teaching and training which which are handled at the Unit, Chapter or Cluster level. Covenant Orientation, Marriage Enrichment Retreats, Seminars/Workshops on the Foundation of Christian Living, Christian Personal Relationships, Emotions in the Life of a Christian, Living as a People of God & Evangelization are some of the programmes conducted by CFC.


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