Marriage Formation Department

The Marriage Formation Department prepares the engaged couples to embrace marriage as a vocation. It also strengthens the bonds of relationship between the spouses. The Diocesan Family Service Centre gives an ample opportunity for the engaged couples to take time out from their hectic activity and prepare themselves not only for their wedding day but for their married life.

The Marriage Preparation Programme helps the engaged couples to focus on themselves with the view of knowing each other well, relating to each other in an optimal relationship and to start a new life of oneness, while sharing each other's rich personalities.

Some of the contents of the Marriage Preparation Programme are the following:


Spouses who have been encountering marital difficulties in their day to day life are encouraged to participate in the Marriage Enrichment Programmes conducted by the Marriage Formation Department. In several parishes, this programme has been offered to spouses who are married for the last five years, ten years and twenty years. This Department also organises programmes for the mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law.


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